A Song of Parting

We avoid each other’s eyes.

The fly on the glass enchants me.

He is riveted by my earrings;

Silver little things that sparkle in sunlight,

And dance with the wind.


Rip the bandage,

Painful and quick!

“I can’t do this!”

I repeat the oft told lie,

“It’s not you, it’s I”.


He doesn’t look at me,

But beckons the waiter:

With an unsteady finger,

“Bill please –

We are done here”.


I don’t often write poetry, and this is a shaky attempt after a long time. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thank you. 


Melting Ice: Flash Fiction


The chill hung in the room like an unwanted guest. He slammed the wardrobe shut, and rummaged through the chest-of-drawers. He peered under the bed and banged his head on the bottom drawer.


She ran into the room. “What happened?” she asked in a breathless query.

“This damned drawer —”

She gently rubbed the sore spot “What’re you looking for?”

“My wallet”.

“You could’ve just asked me”.

“You weren’t talking to me” he said. Echos of bitter words resonated from the past.

Outside a drop of icy-water dripped from the point of the thawing icicle.

“I’ll find it” she said.

Inspired by Prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields 

An Unexpected Encounter: Flash Fiction

“Long time no see”, she said, fidgeting with her handkerchief, and then looking down at her painted red toe nails. “You never came to this side of town before”.
“I changed jobs”, he looked at the signal. Still persistently green. “You wouldn’t know”.
She flushed. “I meant to call, but I have been so busy lately…”
“You always were busy” he said. “Why you were hardly ever home!”
“You know I didn’t mean -”
“I know, I know. You didn’t mean to work on weekends; didn’t mean to  leave me stranded at the restaurant without even so much as an explanation; didn’t mean to cheat on me, but you did. You did!” He clenched his fists. “Anyway that’s all in the past now. Why bring it all up again?”
She passed a clumsy hand over her wet eyes, smudging her mascara, “Can’t you -”
The light changed.

How To Break Someone’s Heart

The interiors of the coffee shop was warm and comfy. The conversations from the other tables – of teenage friends, business men…and lovers – created a happy drone of voices around us. The coffee in front of me is cold, like my heart. A numbness is spreading across me. You are looking outside the window. Maybe you already know the words I am choking on. getty_rm_photo_of_peeling_bandage A mad impulse seizes me – a desire to get this over with, for once and all. Like tearing a band-aid. You start off slow and then you peel it all off, in one hasty move, revealing the pink throbbing wound underneath.

I can’t do this anymore” I blurt out.

I think I see you wince slightly. Your shoulders hunch.

My eyes sting, but I can’t take my words back. I don’t want to.

I squeeze my eyes tightly. No tears.

I am sorry” I whisper.

It seems inadequate. I should probably say more. But I don’t know what, and so I remain silent.

The silence stretches on…

Finally, you look at me. A laconic smile plays on your lips – bitter but resigned. “I am too”.

The pain in your eyes stabs me like an ice-cold blade. I want to not care, and yet I do.

I know this was wrong. It was never going to work out. We were too different – you and I. Too headstrong. But it hurts all the same. There is a terrible, terrible blackness inside me.  A hole where you used to be, till I ripped you apart.

The repressed tears sting my eyes.

I get up and leave.

I don’t look back. c7a48f192556947849ad36feb5e7c85d

Standing outside in the cool, fresh air, I realize I am relived. It feels like for these past few weeks I had been carrying a burden around with me, and now I have finally dropped it. I feel lightheaded, and that’s when I realize that as much as this hurts, I am happy.

I hate the fact that I hurt you though. Despite all that passed I still care about you…a little too much. I berate myself for not being more tactful; more kind? Maybe I should have waited a little longer, tried a little harder – maybe I could have taught myself to love you, as much as you loved me.

Yet if you are going to break someone’s heart, is there a ‘good’ way to do it? Now or later, this way or that, it was going to be painful. Maybe this was better, to get it over quickly. I don’t know. I guess I never will.

I walk away from the cafe.

I hope you have a good life, away from me. I hope you are happy. 

Today’s Daily Prompt: Handle With Care

14 Most Common Lies

Today’s Creative Writing Exercise at class, come up with lies we hear everyday. This is the list me and my friend came up with:

1) I will be there in 5 minutes.
2) I did the homework, but forgot it at home.
3) It’s not you, it’s me.
4) You can trust me to keep your secret.
5) We will keep you informed.
6) All participants were equally good.
7) No baby, you don’t look fat in that dress.
8) Of course I noticed your new hairstyle.
9) We are just friends.
10) There’s nothing like that between us.
11) 90% experts recommend our product.
12) It’s an honour to be here.
13) I am just going to buy one dress.
14) I don’t mean to be rude.

23rd February 2014 – What Girls Want

# Disclaimer: Everything mentioned here are not generalized statements for EACH and EVERY girl/film/book, but only accounts for the majority of them.

Sunday mornings are the second most favourite time of the week for me (the first being Saturday evenings, when once every week you have the satisfaction of knowing that you can sleep in late tommorow). Sunday mornings, the only time in the week when I get to wake up to bright sunshine, and not to the bleak streaks of languid pale light of dawn. There is the promise of good things to come in the future, especially a hearty breakfast, something apart from cold milk and cereal. Time stretches in front of you and all I want to do is laze around – and so I did, with a Sophie Kinsella novel ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ Its a good novel, as good as fluffy, light chick flick book can ever be. Chick Flick literature, I firmly believe, is just the adult girl’s fairy tale. When we were young, we dreamed of handsome princes in shining, golden armour who would come and swoop us off our feet and take us to beautiful palaces; in teenage the prince was replaced by a pale shining vampire or a hunky muscular werewolf depending on whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob (come on, we have all been through that phrase!!) who lured you with promises of undying love and denying sex to immortality; and finally as you are disillusioned of all dreams about having a romance in a fantasy world, in swoops the wide range of chick flick books and films to create daydreams of enchanting real world romances. The dashing knight on the white steed is replaced by the handsome and rich businessman in his Porsche, the pale vampire by the successful young entrepreneur and the hunky werewolf by the oh-ever-so-thoughtful Mr. Right, who always knows what the girl wants, when she wants it. Seriously, it hardly seems fair on the poor men who have to compete with such high standards when trying to woo us girls. There are so many protests conducted on how mainstream films and literature portray the ideal woman as a beautiful blonde with perfect body and size 0 waist; isn’t it equally sexist to portray Mr. Right as the handsome rich man who manages to juggle perfectly the needs of his company(which he probably founded or is a partner in, always a high position) with the needs of his lady love, always be there when she needs him without so much as a sign of protest or weariness, who is always thoughtful and understanding while the truth is the mysteries of the female mind have befuddled men since the beginning of time. So I thought, being a woman myself, and one who has often handed out advice to equally clueless male friends, some tips on how to become a mirage of the perfect man. (Disclaimer: I have never been in a relationship. These tips are from my vast experience of listening to friends talk about their boyfriends).

  1. Letters: Everyone thinks writing letters are passe. But they are the most romantic thing ‘ever’ to most girls, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. Texting and skyping and chatting are all fine, but do send her a letter once in a while so that she can cherish it, and also show it off to friends.
  2. Take her on Picnics: Instead of the usual movie and dinner, take your girl on a long drive, ending with a romantic picnic dinner for two in a park or on the beach or beside the lake.
  3. Gifts: Gifts are usually the trickiest part, since all girls have different tastes, but jewelry is one standard and age-old fallback, especially rings. Chocolates are good gifts too, unless she is on a diet, in which case it is just an invitation for a fight. Oh, and flowers – everyone likes flowers.
  4. Recite Cheesy Lines: Now this is the cheesiest advice ever, but if possible memorize some good romantic lines and dialogues off the internet, not Shakespeare mind you, normal lines like ‘Seeing you makes my day special’ or ‘I like the way your eyes shine’, things like that, and try inserting them into appropriate times. No matter how ‘modern’ a girl says or feels she is, we always like being told we are beautiful or special.
  5. How To Deal With Difficult Questions:Try to sidestep it as gracefully as possible, if you think that what she is asking is a trick question. For example, ‘Am I Fat?’ can always be answered by, ‘You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen’, and ‘How Does This Dress Look on Me’ and if you feel bad, answer tactfully like ‘I never like you in this colour. I think you look best in red or black or *insert colour here*”
  6.  About Her Day: No matter how tired you are, you can always spare a few minutes to ask her how her day was.
  7. Like And Comment: Any time your girl posts a picture on facebook, you should be the first person to like it and comment on it.
  8. Text/Call: Every morning as soon as you wake up, and before you go to bed, no matter how tired or busy you are, call her or drop a text, wishing her good morning, and simply just letting her know that you were thinking of her.
  9. Drop Her Home: After every date, make it a point to drop her home. In case you are getting badly late, drop her in a cab, make sure to note down the license plate number, and also insist that she gives you a call or text the minute she reaches home. All this shows that you care for her safety.
  10. Don’t Forget Anniversaries: Seriously guys, how difficult is it?! You have mobile and email remainder services to help you out now. Think about the cave man who forgot to get a boar for his wife’s birthday!
  11. In Public: When in public, especially in front of her friends, hold her hands. Touch her face maybe, but not too much PDA, that’s just gross!

Okay, now I am out of tips. Go and try applying some of these at least. Best of luck. Leave a comment if you found them helpful, or otherwise.