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Now that you have read (and hopefully liked) some of my blog posts, here are some articles I wrote for various websites. Please take a look, and let me know what you think:

Campus Diaries: I was interning with them for two months, and these are some of the stories I worked upon during that time:

  1. Six Advertisements You Must See: Catchy lyrics, funny dialogues, peppy background scores, a good storyline, quirky characters, pertinent social message, insights into everyday life, parody, black comedy – these ads have them all and more.
  2. Being Hermione: 6 Things About Toppers You Didn’t Know: Think you know Hermione Granger? Have you faced any of the problems that she probably faced everyday? Read on to find out….
  3. 15 Technologies That Will Make You Feel Old: How many of these oldies do you remember? A story that reminds you of the nostalgic charm of these techs from our childhood.
  4. 12 Movie Dialogues You Use Everyday: Take a look at some immortal and memorable quotes that have now become frequently-used catch-phrases in pop culture, but started off as movie dialogues. You might even have been using some of these, without even knowing where they are from.
  5. A Miserly Choice: I decided to uplift my karma, and give some money to a begger…..the problem was I did not know whom to give it too…
  6. 7 Childhood Games and Their Origins: Ever wondered where did the game Hide-and-seek start? Or who was Simon, from the game ‘Simon Says’? These are some of the classic games we grew up playing. Take a look at how and where they begun, and their long journey through history.
  7. Is Disney Propagating The ‘Ideal Body Image’ Myth?: Most of us girls grew up watching Disney animated movies, especially Disney princesses. We wanted to sing as melodiously as Snow White, dance as gracefully as Cinderella and look as beautiful as Belle, and somewhere in our hearts we waited for our perfect Prince Charming who would also be our best friend. But somewhere through these gorgeous royal ladies, were we also being unconsciously brainwashed to worship a certain body-image? The mythical ‘size zero’! A survey conducted in 2009 found that a third of girlsunder the age of six worry about being fat, and when asked to select the ‘real princess’ from a photo-array of ballerinas, 50% of the girls chose the thinnest one. The correlation becomes even more pronounced among girls aged 7 and older. Does it shock you if I say 40-60% of elementary school girls (ages 6-12) are concerned about their weight or about becoming too fat? This is also the same target audience that Disney adheres to. #JustSaying
  8. Bollywood, Pornography and Sexual Violence – Are They Related?: A sexually explicit scene on TV, an erotic video on the internet, an item number, the male lead stalking his lover in a film €“- which, if any of these cause violence against women in real life? Does Bollywood degrade women?
  9. Mars Ahoy!:Ever dreamt of living on Mars? Well that actually might be a possibility by 2025. Read on to find out more.
  10. Performance Art – The Art Form You Probably Didn’t Know About: Is Art what the artist chooses to show to the audience, or is Art what the audience chooses to take from the artist? Performance art believes it’€™s the latter. Read on to find out.
  11. How To Find The Heart Of A City: Within the frantic mad rush of the city, there beats a heart in rhythm to all the hearts within it. This is an account of my quest to find the heart of my city – Mumbai.
  12. The Day: It has been done – the votes cast, the debates fought – all that is left is the counting and the waiting.

Flickbay: An online web portal that contains all information possible regarding Bollywood. I interned with them for a month too.

  1. Movie Review: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  2. Movie Review: Goliyon ki Rasleela Ram-Leela 

Teenager Today: 

  1. We Are Just Friends: Can a teenage girl and boy only be friends?
  2. Food For Thought: Are food preferences of teens and pre-teens determined by peer pressure?



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