Hoarder Alert!

When it comes to quotes, I am something of a hoarder.

I collect quotes: from books, magazines, social media and even (on occasion) tea coasters. So here are four of my favourite ones, collected over years:

Already how am I so far

Out of that minute? Must I go

Still like the thistle ball, no bar,

Onward whenever light winds blow.

Fixed by no friendly star.

Just when I seemed about to learn!

Where is the thread now? Off again!

The old trick! Only I discern –

Infinite passion and the pain

Of finite hearts that yearn.

Robert Browning

“In the factory we make cosmetics, in the store we sell hope” – Charles Revson

You just do it. You force yourself to get up. You force yourself to put one foot before the other, and God damn it, you refuse to let it get to you. You fight. You cry. You curse. Then you go about the business of living. That’s how I have done it. There’s no other way.

Elizabeth Taylor

Remember me when I am gone away, 

Gone far away into the silent land;

When you can no more hold me by the hand,

Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.

Christina Georgina Rossetti



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