They Would Be 13


They tell me I did the right thing.

If not for my ‘information’ thousands of people would have died in the attack. Innocent civilians who had done nothing to deserve such an end.

They shower me with rewards and hail me as a hero, but the voices I desire most have been silenced by the same people all others hail as their ‘protectors’.

Wild weeds grow where my home once stood, and only the burnt, bullet-holed walls remember the children whose feet once trampled down the grass.

Innocence is subjective. 

In the end, it is our choices that haunt us. 


Word Count: 100


15 thoughts on “They Would Be 13

  1. It reminds me of ‘the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few’… and as always when I hear that, I have to wonder if that’s really true. Very sad and thought-provoking story.


    • I was trying to convey that he accidentally learnt of a conspiracy and reported it to the police. But when the authorities came most of his friends and family died in the crossfire. There wasn’t any intentional betrayal, and that is what haunts the narrator – did he or did he not betray the people he loved, and if what he did was the right thing.
      I am sorry if that didn’t come across clearly in the story.

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      • I knew the people were close to his heart. I was just thinking how powerfully self-destructive this would have been if he lost his entire family to death for doing what he thought was right. The pain can really be felt.


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