The Stories That Intrigue Me

The lone sandal buried in the sand, the solitary marble under the berth in the train, the scrap of paper with half a signature, the flying page expostulating on the mountain tribes of Tibet, the venerated stone idol under a tree surrounded by dead flowers….these are the stories that intrigue me. Ordinary objects that have no business of being somewhere and yet they are there, and I often wonder why?
Under what painful circumstances was the lone sandal torn asunder from its pair? Where did the pair go – was it too discarded by the fickle owner or did he hop his way home with only one shoe? Why did he foresake the other?
What business does a marble have to be in a train? From where is it traveling and to where? Did it fall from an unfortunate soul’s bag, fell off a charm bracelet or jumped off a necklace? Does his owner mourn its loss?
Which eminent personality wrote the treatise on the mountain tribes of Tibet, maybe living with them to conduct his field study, so that some academic student someday could gain knowledge from his experience?
Which god sits under the tree, braving the natural elements? Whom does he bless and what does he protect? Why has his devotees foresaken him in his humble abode surrounded by dry petals and worshipped only by the street dogs?
Each of these objects have a story that fascinates the dreamer in me. Someday I would like to hear the story of lost things.


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