An Inopportune Boon

Wishes whispered to the wind with a fallen eye lash always come true…
An old grandmother’s tale and one of those idiosyncrasies you wish was true.
Still…I always blow a wish with a fallen eyelash, hoping it will come true.
The problem is eyelashes are such delicate little things that sometimes they blow away while I tally over my wish.

I  I wish for a new dress? Ooh, what if I wish for Dan Brown’s next novel to have an early release in India….
Wait…where’s the eyelash?
I wish I could find the eyelash.
Oh, found it! My wish came true!
Wait does that mean I forefeited my wish?!

If a genie apparates in front of me someday, holding a timer and say:

Quick! You have 45 seconds. I will grant all your wishes made in the next 45 seconds.

I will probably forget about my dreams of an around-the-world vacation and wish for a packet of Lays’ Chips.
Oh well… I will at least have the chips.


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