Life in Mumbai: Early Morning Woes

What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot?

1. Don’t Hit The Snooze Button

This should probably be my new year resolution.

My first act every morning after waking up is turning over in bed, pulling the covers snugly under my chin and muttering, “5 minutes more!”

When I finally do wake up — 15 or 20 minutes late — I inevitably curse myself and become the whirlwind of destruction and drowsiness, trying to get ready for college.

Forget dressing up in the latest college trends of the season — I don’t even have time to match my clothes. Half-asleep, peering through squinted drowsy eyes, I grope blindly in my cupboard and wear the first two things that I reach. Accessorise? Forget it!

After spending 15 minutes playing tag with the cold shower (who has time to wait for the geyser to heat up?) I emerge shivering and dressed like a gypsy, ready to wolf down a quarter of my breakfast, while my mother attacks my hair with a comb.

Five minutes later or sooner, I am clumsily fumbling into my shoes, hastily pocketing my watch (and maybe a pair of earrings) to wear in the rickshaw, and after a quick peck on my mother’s cheek — while she admonishes me for not finishing my breakfast and laments my dowdy appearance — and a hastily called out goodbye to my father, I am out of the door and jogging to the street to find a rickshaw.

10 minutes later I am at the station, running pell-mell on the platform to reach the train compartment, as it blows it’s whistle impatiently.

10 seconds before it departs I throw myself into the compartment and collapse on a seat, or if a seat is not available, against the side-bars by the door, and make an out-of-breath promise myself — Tomorrow I shall wake up on time!

2. Do Something Constructive on the Train

If you are a Mumbai suburban resident you know that you have a lot of time in hand every day while in commute. The choice then lies with you how to utilize this time. I know a friend who spends her one hour of travel solving algebra sums. Now that is dedication!

I may carry a magazine or a book, and sometimes even a newspaper and vow to read it on the train, but what I end up doing every day is plugging in my earphones and dozing off on my makeshift pillow aka my college bag. Or at the most play Candy Crush.

I am pretty sure I would be a more knowledgeable person in life if only I spent my commute time in doing some constructive reading.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”


7 thoughts on “Life in Mumbai: Early Morning Woes

  1. I completely relate to your “snooze” problem… I’m a chronic snoozer and though I’ve gotten better, I’ve been known to hit that thing for well over an hour if I don’t have to be up! :-/

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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