My Dream World


There was this little world I had made,

In my childhood days.

I had woven it with care.

Nurtured it with love, and to me it was dear.

Small and bright,

Clean and white.

Located in a fairy castle on a hilltop highimages (2)

Up amongst the clouds, in the sky

Full of fairies, kings and queens

A child’s dream, a child’s fantasy

Many a playtime I spent here;

Many adventures I had there;

All my dreams came true here;

My wishes were fulfilled there;

It was a child’s dream, a child’s fantasy. images (3)

But one day, I heard this shout,

Calling me to the world out

I poked my head out and saw,

And, Oh!  How lovely the things seemed to be,

“Come out, and play”, they called to me.

I left my little world and came

But, Alas! Everything was not the same,

As they had before seemed to be

Oh, how true the old sayings are,

Grass always looks greener from far.

This world is full of deceit and lies.

Betrayals, broken promises and painful cries

Terrorism, Corruption, Pollution

Is there an end or a solution?

My little world was still there,

Free from such worldly affairs.

Unpolluted from all these worldly pains

Unaffected by the troubles of men

But I couldn’t enter it again

Not now, never again.

It was a child’s dream, a child’s fantasy

And I had grown up.

I wrote this poem, nearly six or seven years ago, when I was 13 years old. It lay forgotten in some dusty folder on my computer, stored along with other childish scribbles. I hadn’t thought about it in all these years, till I saw the weekly prompt by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. 

This poem was, according to me, my best work in verse when I was thirteen, and probably for quite some time afterwards. And hence, I had never shown it to anybody, lest, somebody make fun of me, or the poem. It was a little too close to my heart back then. More than half a decade later, I am willing to unveil it to the eyes of the world. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂 


9 thoughts on “My Dream World

  1. I think this is absolutely amazing! I would have thought so if you’d written it now but to have written it at 13 wow! There is something so vulnerable and innocent about this piece. I was looking at some photos of animals in utero and thinking about the miracle of life but then my husband informed me that the animals in the photos were dead and I couldn’t retrieve the feeling I had before I’d known it.

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    • Thank you 🙂
      I agree. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Life seemed so much more magical without rational explanations. Once I saw this creature fly around my bedroom. For quite a while I entertained myself with the notion that it was a fairy. Then it flew into the light, and I saw that it was a moth. The magic of the moment was gone. It was so much more better when I didn’t know.

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Growing up is always rather hard and confusing. Especially as a teenager. Life loses a lot of its charm and things become a lot more complicated than they used to be when you were a kid. Isn’t it funny that as children all we ever want to do is grow up, and once we have we often find ourselves craving the innocence of childhood.

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  2. At thirteen you had every right to think it was a great piece of work and to publish it today and see that it still holds great value for us older readers is a testament to your skills……I also think it fits so well with this prompt, very well done.

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