Delighting My Taste Buds on the Streets of Bangalore

For our industrial visit this year, our college brought us to Bangalore. One of our classmates is from Bangalore, and so in the evening, with a pretty smile, some threats and lots of coaxing, we got her to take us on a food-tasting spree on the streets of the IT city. First we had some chicken (paneer for the vegetarians – this city caters to all tastebuds) shawarma. This isn’t really local cuisine, but this is the first time I had shawarma, and so in my mind Shwarma and Bangalore are inextricably linked now. Sorry Lebanon 😛 But this also further highlights my point that Bangalore has food for everyone and from everywhere. The restaurants also had chicken dosas, which we vowed to go back to try.


A stone throw away we found the Sri Surya Bakery on Gandhinagar. We spent a delightful forty minutes in there, sampling cookies, mawa cake, Kara buns (soft buns packed with spices), sweet buns, and a really yummy baked delicacy called ‘Dilpasand’ which would literally translate into ‘Your Heart’s Preference’. They are round croissant type of flat buns (the size of a small piza base) packed with Tutti-Frutti. It was probably my favorite viand. I even bought some to take back home (*Conditions apply. If the said product mysteriously disappears in transit, this writer takes no responsibility).
Last but not the least, we had a Bangalore special chaat called ‘Masala Puri’. Our friend told us that it was only available in this city. I can’t really dispute – I have never tasted anything as good in Mumbai chaat shops definitely.
I would have shifted to Bangalore for the food and weather, but the traffic snarls otherwise. I will definitly visit again, if only for the food.


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