8 Things I Wished They Taught Me In School

1. Flirting 101 or How To Read a Guy’s Mind – This would definitely have been more useful to me in life than algebra. However when I told this to my friends they were dismissive. They told me “there is only one thing on a guy’s mind”.

2. How to Get On or Off a Crowded Local During Rush Hour – Life skills if there are ever any.

3. Making Brownies – Why you ask? Why not! Brownies are tasty.

4. Bargaining – Getting a good bargain, I firmly believe, requires talent. A LOT OF talent!!

5. Untangling Your Earphones – The number of times I wanted to listen to music, and found my earphones in such a hopeless tangle, that I stuff them back in my bag, and tell myself, “You didn’t really want to listen to music anyway. Plus it affects hearing, remember? ”

6. Matching Your Clothes And Accessories – I am hopeless at this! You see, colour co-ordination isn’t enough anymore. I wore a green necklace with my green kurti last week, and was informed by those who know that it was a statement piece and would look better with a white dress….

7. Break Dance Without Breaking Your Leg

8. How To Get More People To Read My Blog


8 thoughts on “8 Things I Wished They Taught Me In School

  1. Many people have some of these skills and some people have many, but I don’t think anyone would have mastered all of them. Good list anyways. Very much essential for India.


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