4 Fusion Foods – My Style

1. Fruit Custard with Gulab Jamuns and Vanilla Ice-cream: Every Sunday, after lunch, my dad will look at my mom and go “what’s for dessert?” She in turn will shrug and tell him that she isn’t cooking anything more, and if he wants dessert, he has to arrange for it himself….and my dad will. Usually it’s just ice-cream or some delicious concoction of our local sweet shop; sometimes cookies, but one Sunday he outdid himself.


That delicious little bowl contains custard, succulent slices of bananas, apples and mangoes, some peeled litchis, luscious black grapes, two scoops of vanilla ice-cream, and is topped with tiny cherry-sized Gulab Jamuns. It is by far, the best dessert I have ever had in my life!! It’s happiness in a bowl!
2. Roti with Manchurian Balls: This is a recent innovation – a couple of days ago, me and my friend were having lunch together at our college canteen. I had a plate of fried rice and manchurian, while she had roti-sabzi. For some reason, neither of us much fancied the manchurian balls, and they remained on the plate, forlorn and lonely, long after we had finished the rice and gravy. Experimentally, I tried some of her rotis with a little bit of a manchurian. Lo and behold, it tasted really nice!
3. Sev Puri with Rotis – This is something I discovered during my school days. Roll up the crushed sev puri chaat in a roti, and be amazed at the surprisingly delicious taste.
4. Schezwan Vada Pav: This is actually available on the menu of Jumbo King outlets across Mumbai. I was a little skeptical when I first tried it, but now it’s my favorite item on the menu.

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