Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

So I am wondering what to write when suddenly I remember The Broke and The Bookish blog, with their awesome weekly prompts, and sure enough when I head over there they didn’t disappoint me. So here is a list of the top ten characters from books I would want with me on a deserted island. 

1. Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games –

Jennifer Lawrence, Entertainment Weekly, May 27, 2011

She won the ultimate survival challenge. She can hunt. ‘Nuff said! Plus I really admire her courage and strength and would like to know her better.

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter – 

We wouldn’t survive two days without her!

Ron to Harry in Deathly Hallows Part 1

She is smart, she is astute and she is the best witch of her age! Plus, she carries a handy duplex tent in her bag 😉

harry potter

You probably wouldn’t

download (5)3.The Pevensie Children from Chronicles of Narnia – These four kids mobilized an entire army and fought a war against an evil witch, all while in a forest. Also they all have handy skills – Peter and Edmund are good swordsmen, Susan can shoot and Lucy is good when it comes to directions. Also I can later say that I have traveled with royalty. The Narnian High King no less.

4. Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson – Smart, resilient and a daughter of Athena with a penchant for architecture – who wouldn’t want her? She will probably be the one who builds us a nifty shelter at night. Also, she is a good fighter, a wonderful strategist and a good team leader.

5. Jack Reacher – He is ex-military police and a trained fighter. But I would probably want him around just for the hotness factor…

6. Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus – Leo is a son of Hephaestus and an innovative mechanic. He can help us build a raft to get off the island, along with keeping us supplied with breath mints and tofu burgers from his tool belt. Plus he has a great wit, and would be a nice person to have around for conversations.

7. Jesse from the Mediator Series – Apart from the fact that he is really irresistibly hot, he is also a doctor. His medical skills (and his looks) would be handy things to have around.

8. Sadie Kane from Kane Chronicles – Sadie is the most kickass fictional character that I know. She is smart and has a great sense of humour. Apart from that she is an Egyptian magician with a magic storage locker in the Duat. Her magic spells (especially the ones to summon aspirins) would come in really handy.

9. The Baudelaire Children from A Series Of Unfortunate Events – These are a bunch of the most resilient kids possible, and they also have a wonderful skill set. Violet is an inventor. Klaus is a bookworm, like me, and we can have nice lengthy conversations on books. Sunny’s ability to bite will come in handy somewhere too I am sure. 
10. Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries – We will need someone to document all our adventures at the deserted island, and who better to do that than Mia in her journal. Plus she is one character that I strongly connect to, and would thus definitely like to spend more time with her. I think we can be great friends. 😀 
That’s it. My Dream Team – Island’s 11. If I can get this team together, I think all of us can just kick back on the beach together, and enjoy long hours of conversation in front of the sea. I don’t think I would ever wanna come back!! 😀 

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