For today’s creative writing exercise, our teacher asked us to come up with different sets of homophones. Homophones are words that sound similar. For example, here is a list of all the homophones I came up with in class:

Dear, deer
The deer named Rudolph has been a part of this zoo since 1999, and is dear to the zoo keepers’ heart.

Pear, pair, pare
Pare me a pair of pears.

Tail, tale
Every time she came for a visit, my grandmother would tell us the tale of Hanuman’s tail and the havoc it wrecked on Lanka.

Sea, see
Once you see the majestic waves of the sea, you will realize the true meaning of power.

Site, sight
The tourist guide has a detailed list on all the sights and historical sites of the city.

Night, knight
In the dark night the silver armor of the knight shone as brightly as the moon.

Be, bee
As evening approached, the worker bees wondered where the queen bee could be?

There, their
Their group outshone all other teams there.

Wear, where
Yes,  it’s a beautiful dress, but where would you wear it?

Hair, hare
It was the hare’s secret dream to grow a lush mane of pink hair.


8 thoughts on “Homophones

  1. It’s interesting that what passes as homophones depends on where (or wear) you are. In the U.S., “heir” and “hair” do not sound identical. “Heir” is pronounced like “air.” And “hair” is pronounced like its homophone “hare.”


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