10 Indian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

(This was a creative writing assignment in class).

1. Chicken roll from Kolkata
2. Qurbani ka Meetha from Hyderabad
3. Tender Coconut Ice-cream from Naturals, Mumbai (It’s not technically a traditional Indian food, but you will miss out on a lot, if you restrict yourself to technicalities in life).
4. Indian Hakka Noodles and Chilli Chicken – These may be termed under ‘Chinese’ food, but its the Indian inputs that make them a street speciality every where around India.
5. Prawns in Coconut Milk or prawn malaikari from Bengal
6. Spicy Pani Puri from Mumbai
7. Vada Pav from Mumbai
8.  B.B.C (Boneless Butter Chicken) with Biryani rice and raita
9. Malpua – a kind of fried sweet jn syrup that will definitely leave your tastebuds asking for more.
10. Shrikhand from Gujarat – a dessert made out of curd.

( Update: In retrospect, this post is a little too oriented towards non-veg cuisine. For more vegetarian options I would request you to check out this post by Priyanshipandey).


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