June 20 2014: Welcome Back to College

It has been exactly 12 days since college reopened, and the charm is gradually wearing off. During vacations you feel so eager to return back to college – to meet old friends, visit the popular hang-outs and enjoy the a la carte menu at the canteen.
But as and when college does open, you remember all the reasons that you wanted to get away from it in the first place – lectures, assignments and the all-pervasive homework.
Barely 2 weeks in college, and am already exhausted. I can barely find enough strength in myself to get up at the crack of dawn, get ready and go to college. The alarm clock and I have reinstated our mutual enmity, and it is harassing me with renewed vigour.
At college I look through groggy eyes at the beautifully dressed fashion divas, marveling at the fact that they managed to curl their hair and match their accessories, when I had just managed to throw on the first pieces of apparel I touched in the morning. There are others like me too. You can easily spot them in the canteen – red, bleary eyes nursing a cup of hot coffee.

The bell rings, and you begin the long trudge to the lecture room, up 3 flights of stairs, chanting in your mind all the reasons you love college for….the sandwiches at the canteen for instance.


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