A Dream From The Past

flashficShe takes a deep breath and inhales the salty wet smell of the ocean. The breeze lifts her hair and it flows behind her like a veil. She screams – a sound of pure, unrestrained joy! She is 18, and Life stretches in front of her like an ocean of promises. 

She is 42 looking at a faded photograph. The walls of her house in the suburbs suffocates her, like a caged canary, who forgot how to sing. In the photoframes on the mantelpiece she searches for an innocent, carefree teenager; eyes brimming with wistful dreams. She sees a dutiful wife and a doting mother. In the mirror she meets the disillusioned eyes of a middle-aged woman.

The king-sized bed with its satin duvet is too soft for her – she longs for the granular sandy ground under the nylon sleeping bag. In the sparkle of the chandelier she searches for the soft twinkles of the stars. In the ceiling-mosaic she looks for the white swirl of the clouds.

Her house has four bedrooms, but she longs for a blue four-seater van. She would happily forgo her walk-in closet for one black-and-red rucksack – her entire life for one more vacation with her friends. 

“Wasn’t that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted?” Abraham Verghese

This post is in response to the prompt on Mia Madison’s blog.


11 thoughts on “A Dream From The Past

  1. What amazing descriptions. I especially loved the contrast between the duvet and the sandy ground; the chandelier and the twinkling stars. Really nice:)


  2. Reblogged this on Life – Half Glass Full and commented:

    It has been a year since I published this post. Sometimes when I go through my old works, I realize with a pang of certainty how much I have changed, over the years.
    Some other times, I am pleasantly surprised, and can even think, “Did I really write this?” Looking over this post from last year was one such moment. I don’t think, even after a period of 365 days, I would change much, except maybe a verb or two.

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  3. Hello Archita. Let me tell you this. You are an amazing writer!! Love your work. I recently discovered your blog and was very pleasantly surprised by it. Such lovely articles 😊 I have started blogging too. Just about yesterday I posted my new work. I would love it if you would read it. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

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