Moving Into Sunshine

jennifer-pendergast4I set down my suitcase and stare at the stone portico. I stand in the shade, overwhelmed for a moment by memories, cruel till the end, unwilling to let go. I remember a dimly lit room, torn scribbled in books, the wail of shattering glass and the sharp crack of a leather belt.

Then the moment passes. The leaves flutter in welcome, flashing smiles of orange, gold and green. The breeze wafts through my hair – like a caress. It brings with it memories of bedtime stories and lullabies from a long-forgotten childhood.

I clench the scholarship letter tightly, and walk through the university gates, to a fresh start, away from my step-father. It’s all downhill now.

This story is posted as a part of the Friday Fictioneers.


17 thoughts on “Moving Into Sunshine

  1. I like her standing in the shade of her memories, your gradual reveal of those memories. and then the balance of the pleasant memories that writers often forget to include with abuse, as she steps out of the shadow into light.

    On a personal note, I personally feel that the focus on the evil stepparent is an overdone story. Also, I think that the stepparent is often the scapegoat. My personal feelings do not lessen my regard for your story.


  2. Thank you. Yes, maybe you are right. Stepparents are being used as the villain in stories since Cinderella. But cliches become cliches because they are popular…I will try to keep that in mind next time onwards


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