For Your Eyes Only : Flash Fiction

She sat in the corner, silently watching the party – watching the twirling skirts on the dance floor, and listening to the cheerful buzz of conversation she wasn’t a part of. The Eyes passed over her, the way they passed over the other empty chairs. She was INVISIBLE. 

She hadn’t wanted to come to the party, but her parents insisted. “You should go out more, meet people”. She hadn’t wanted to come to this town either, a place where she knew no one and no one knew her.


He was tired of these same old parties, of the same inane conversation and malicious gossip. His eyes roamed restlessly over the garden until they alighted on HER. In her white dress, she looked like a freshly-blossomed lily.  She had pulled her legs to her chest, and meditatively laid her head on her knees – deep in thought. He longed to know what lay behind those dark eyes.

Will you dance with me? 

She looked up to meet a pair of twinkling eyes that were fixed on her, and her only.

On the dance floor, in his arms, her eyes spoke at length with his. The rest of the world was now INVISIBLE. 

(This post was written in response to the photo prompt provided by Mia Madison. Word Count: 200)


4 thoughts on “For Your Eyes Only : Flash Fiction

    • Thanks for reading!
      If I ever come up with a good plot I would love to continue this story, but as of now I think I am content leaving them both dancing in each other’s arms. The image makes me happy 🙂


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