Chocolate – The Ultimate Sin

chocolate cake

A bowl of chocolate ice-cream beside me, and a nearly fully-charged laptop, and I am ready to write this post….

11506_guinness_milk_chocolate_ice_cream_3_620Now at the risk of sounding like the label behind a cereal box, this product (the blog post) is best enjoyed with a cup of chocolate ice-cream or milkshake or any form of chocolate really. Now take a spoon of chocolate, close your eyes and slide it into your mouth – can you feel the silky smoothness of the texture, the heavenly taste as the chocolate melts onto your tongue. If you are having an ice-cream like me, the cool pleasant images (1)almost erotic sensation of the cold, melting dollop that spreads across your tongue to your entire body. You will see gorgeous splashes of colour in the dark, and…..well this is bordering a little too much on food porn now and so I will stop – but seriously this is what makes chocolate a sin. I mean, it would probably have been prohibited by some religious leader or other at some point of time, except that they too were probably bribed by its lustful taste. I read on a T-shirt, once, If there is no chocolate in heaven, I ain’t going. Now I don’t know who the author of these words are but I have a feeling that we would get along well. You can keep all your manna, honey and dew – just give me chocolates.

cupcakeAs you would know if you have read my earlier posts (which I hope you have) I am trying to lose weight, and thus on a diet. And now I must confess that I have been cheating on my diet…with chocolate. I am completely helpless next to its sensuous appeal; and now am seriously considering a divorce from my diet. But chocolate is an old mistress of mine. It is my first love.

I remember the long summer days at school when everything went wrong, when I had been used and thrown away by those I thought were my friends, when I had been trampled on, lost and confused, or just merely sad, chocolate was my only saviour. It was a ritual among me and my friends  – after a bad day at school, we would go and have a chocolate ice-cream. And, just like that, by magic, all would be right in the world again.

22 months ice cream with friends 2

images (2)I haven’t lost that practice till date. Even today when I have a bad day at college or at work, or am just generally depressed, I go and have something chocolate – a gooey chocolate brownie, a soft chocolate pastry that falls apart at one touch, a cold chocolate ice-cream, a slurpy delicious chocolate milkshake, a chocolate doughnut with a molten gooey centre (yum!), and if nothing else, then at the least a measly chocolate bar, or a cookie at least. Just a few days ago, I had an intense desire to meet the love of my life, and entered this really expensive patisserie. If I had been in my senses, I should have walked away. If I ever tell my parents the cost of a single item there, they would faint with shock. It was way images (3)beyond my usual expenditure, and my course of action should have been an immediate tactical retreat, and then maybe fulfilling my craving from a cheaper bakery. But have I recently mentioned that chocolates are my undoing? Well they are. As if a magnet was pulling me I went to the counter and ordered their most expensive pastry – a hazelnut crunchy pastry. It was minuscule when it arrived on a little paper plate, with a folded napkin. My heart was already in pieces by guilt. Guilt was hollowing a pit in the depths of my stomach. Mournfully I lifted the spoon, cut a piece, and put it in my mouth. Immediately I forgot all my guilt. It would have been a sin for me to walk away from that patisserie without tasting this divine piece of pastry. It was loaded with nuts and chocolates – and it was my most expensive edible purchase in history.

download (3)But I was past caring now. Each bite was an explosion of fireworks in my mouth. I savoured each morsel like there was no tomorrow. As I walked out of the pastry, I threw out all my concerns about cheating on my diet (and my pocket). Life is too short to deny yourself such pleasures. I am done feeling guilty about my love affair with chocolate. She has been beside me through thick and thin, and only always given me joy. I no longer feel guilty about spending exorbitant amounts for that tiny piece of exquisiteness.


7 thoughts on “Chocolate – The Ultimate Sin

  1. As a fellow 19 year old chocoholic, this post had my mouth watering. The only way I could read on without a chocolate at hand is knowing that I will be indulging in a giant choc-chip cookie later on today. Here is to us chocolate lovers! *raises a glass*

    P.s. You ought to check out my choc-chip cookie recipe! It is to die for! It would be a sin to keep it from you!


    • Thanks and Cheers! Chocolate chip cookies are a joy on their own. That moment when you bite into a chocolate chip….yum! Thanks so much for the reciepe. Can’t wait to try it out 😀


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