25th March 2014: An Year in Review

So, bring in the trumpets and the fanfare – I have successfully completed one year as a blogger. I have gone through all the ups and downs of blogging – the angst over a post, the obsessive urge to look through your statistics again and again, rejoicing over the number of likes, feverishly blessing every single one of them – and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers and readers, for finding this blog and me worthy enough of your attention, and time. A very humble thank you. All of you are the reason I write, my inspiration, and a reason to bring a smile on my face. There was even a period of severe blues, when I withdrew completely from the blogging world, but a year later, despite all obstacles, my blog is still alive. That to me is a moment to celebrate ( and I did, by breaking my diet, and having a chocolate pastry earlier today). Exactly a year back I wrote this post https://mitraarchita1995.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/is-man-one-of-gods-blunders-or-is-god-one-of-mans-blunders/

And was reminded of it again, when today in the college canteen, a friend of a friend, asked me: “Are you an atheist?”

“No”, I told him. “I am an agnostic.”

“Oh, that’s just confused”, he dismissed me with a shrug.

Is it? I always thought that being an agnostic meant shunning away worldly worship and elaborate rituals for true faith in God’s love within your heart. I have never thought of God as a grandiose figure, but as a friend. Is that what it means to be an agnostic? Or is it just being stuck between skepticism and spirituality?


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