24th February 2014 – Confessions of a Rookie Weight Watcher

Last week, my best friend somehow managed to lure me to a gym. I honestly feel that she used hypnotism or maybe the imperius curse on me, because there is no other way on Earth that anyone could have dragged me, the lazy foodie (a bad combination anyways you look at it) to a gym. Maybe she told me I would find cute guys there – at least that part was true (you don’t know how much more bearable a stiff workout can be if you have a good body to stare at). Anyway somehow she managed to convince (read brainwash) me, and so here I am – five days into the training program and yet to lose a gram. Of course I lose around half a kg everyday, immediately after the workout, but somehow I manage to gain it all back by the next day, sometimes a gram or two more. My gym workout as you can see is pretty much going nowhere, kind of like a car going at top speed in a circle, and never really reaching anywhere. But what has changed is now, all of a sudden and completely out of the blue, I am starting to care about my appearance. Till date I was an ultra-modern feminist who just believed in wearing comfortable clothes, no makeup and eat anything I want – a guy who loves me will have to love me for me, I believed, for what lies in the interior and not for any polished exterior. But now I care about how I look!! When dressing up for college, I mentally debate on which dress does a better job of hiding my love handles. And food – suddenly, me the lover of all types of exotic and tasty dishes, is now suddenly reading the nutritional levels behind tins and boxes. Suddenly a packet of crisps is not a tasty snack for the train, but 34 extra calories I will have to lose!! Out of the blue my kitchen is filled with low fat milk, cheese, sugar and butter – all of which taste awful, and burn a nice round hole in my pocket.


Now, in all earnestness, my dear friends, I am going to tell you that gyms are only brainwashing centers run by supernatural beings that take over your brain and lifestyle. It robs you of the happiness of eating in bliss, without wondering how many calories you are gaining, or dreaming about how many kilos you are going to lose in how many days (and how then finally THAT guy will ask you to the prom). But its also true that it boosts your self-esteem. The euphoria of losing a few grams is quite unparalleled. Yet, just remember to ask yourself – is it worth it ? 


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