I want my own Dream! So bad I’m gonna Scream!

highschoolmusicalLike almost all of my peers, I have had gone through the ‘High School Musical’ phase. Once upon a time, I was one of its biggest fans. I had it all – the posters, the pencil pouch and the stickers. But then slowly I outgrew High School Musical, until yesterday when while surfing through the channels I alighted on a channel showing the third movie ‘High School Musical: Senior Year’.

Having just finished my high school (2 weeks ago to be exact) and still clueless as to which course I want to pursue, much less which college I want to go to, I could empathize with the confusion the characters’ felt. But if I think about it the characters had it much better than I did. I mean, I am nowhere as gorgeous as Gabriela Montez, I definitely don’t have a boyfriend as hot as Troy Bolton (or any boyfriend for that matter)  and my voice is only useful in emptying an auditorium. I have not been called by any college to participate in their special summer program for meritorious students and my future plans do not consist of becoming the President or a basketball player or a Broadway actress. If they think they are confused, they should look at me! What I just want is to be happy in my future. I don’t care what course I pursue, as long as I am surrounded by good and loving friends and enough money to travel around the world, and buy some good books. That is my dream, my destination…….now if only I knew which road led to it. 


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