Meeting My Friend’s Boyfriend

I think my posts have been a tad bit on the serious side up till now, so I decided to post something a bit more humorous, like the interesting encounter I had with my friend’s boyfriend (with whom she has broken up now). Now, my friend’s mother was a very strict lady who had just recently found out about her daughter’s relationship, in an interesting turn of events when my friend told her mother that she was going to hang out with her friends nearby, and ended up going far away, broke her 6 ‘o’ clock deadline, coming home after 8. Her family was of course frantic, but she told them she was in the nearby gymnasium. So her mother asked her how many table-tennis tables are there on the premises and she very confidently said four, it turned out there were five and also that her brother had gone to check up on her at the gymnasium! Major OOPS!! After this nobody was surprised when she was grounded.

This was where I came in. I had some influence on my friend’s mother who thought me to be impeccable, but when my friend called me up in the throes of love, and asked me to help her sneak out to meet her boyfriend, how could I refuse? So next day I went to her house, and coaxed her mother to allow us to go shopping in a nearby mall (some 5 mins walk), and would be back by an hour. She allowed, and the first half of the plan executed flawlessly. She noted down my phone number (my friend was not allowed to carry her phone any longer in fear she would use it to call her boyfriend) and we left. It was only after we reached the mall that my friend revealed that her boyfriend would not be coming here but near the railway station, and he would not be coming till 4 (which was the time I promised her mother that I would drop her off at home). It was just as we were leaving for the station, that her mother called to ask me on which floor of the shopping complex we were. Turns out she had followed us here! We had unfortunately already left, so all I could do was make up some stories as to how we were just walking around and hadn’t yet reached the mall.

At the station we had another major-setback when we learned that the guy’s train was delayed. By this time I was all for cancelling the plan, but my friend was adamant, blinded as she was by love. I switched off my cell phone to avoid frantic calls both from her mother and mine, as to why when saying we would be home by 4, still hadn’t reached at 5:30.

Midst all this confusion and arguments, my friend and I managed to gain a stalker. A man started following us all over the platform, and even outside the station. The only thing I wanted now was to go home and scrape the plan, but my friend said if she went home now her mother would never allow her to come again, and I couldn’t just leave her. So, we managed to evade the stalker with much quick walking and ducking in alleys, and then again we started waiting, and it was finally at 6 that her lover arrived.

Now, I thought that the whole thing was going to be a matter of simple ‘Hi-and-bye’, but it was not to be so. The modern day Romeo and Juliet were not so easily satisfied, and finally it was I who left in a huff, making my friend promise to go home soon.

At 8, safe and sound in my house, I received a call from her mother, frantic and worried, asking me where we were? I told her truthfully that I was at home, but I did not know where my friend was. Not a very reassuring statement to a worried mother!

Next I tried calling the boyfriend, but he told me he was on his way back home, and he had no idea where my friend was. Thoughts of the intrepid stalker scared me too, but I had no idea where to search for my friend.

Finally at 9 she called me up to tell me she was safely at home. I did not know whether to strangle her or hug her (both impossible over the phone), but I promised myself that this was the first and last time I participated in my friends’ clandestine trysts.


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