It was in the summer vacations of 2011 when my family and I decided to pay a visit to Bordi. Bordi is a small and quaint seaside town in Maharashtra, and an ideal place for a weekend getaway, especially to those of us big-city dwellers who are as Keats put it in his poem ‘On The Sea’ :

Oh, ye! who have your eyeballs vexed and tired, 
    Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea; 
        Oh ye! whose ears are dinned with uproar rude, 
    Or fed too much with cloying melody— 
        Sit ye near some old Cavern’s Mouth and brood, 
Until ye start, as if the sea nymphs quired!

If you are tired of the din and uproar of the city traffic, tired of the hustling-bustling crowds and the frenzied stress of a hectic life I suggest you pay a visit to Bordi as soon as possible, and you will return to the city refreshed and rejuvenated.

View from our apartment

View from our apartment

Bordi is some 145 kilometers away from Mumbai. The nearest railway station is Gholwad (2 km) or Dahanu (15 km). We alighted at the Gholwad station, and had breakfast at the nearby bakery, whose spring rolls I will definitely recommend to all those who alight there, and are looking for a place to have breakfast. From the station, auto rickshaws and taxis are easily available. Bordi has a good selection of hotels and motels to suit every budget and affordable restaurants (the Crazy Cab is one restaurant which I tried and whose food I really liked).   IMG_5703

Bordi has many chikoo farms and be sure to try out the chikoos over there. The Aswali Dam, near Bordi, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The azure blue sky with white fleecy clouds, the surrounding green hills and the placid water-body nestled between them is a sight I won’t forget soon. The ride to and fro the dam is also pleasant, and most travelers will enjoy travelling through the small roads that run between fields, small thatched huts, railway tracks, beside private orchards, quiet alleys and under thick groves. The entire town seems like something out of a story-book. IMG_5735                      

Aswali Dam

Aswali Dam

The view of the golden sunset on the beach is a must-see. You will watch mesmerized as the golden sun drops low, making the waters look like molten gold. The only downside to the place are the frequent power cuts the town experiences, otherwise the whole trip is a wonderful experience.

Sunset on the beach

Sunset on the beach


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