6 Words that I use a lot

‘Words that you use a lot’ – a question I first saw in the once-popular  Facebook app ‘Slambook’, when I was filling one of my friends’ slam book. I remember I left it blank, back then, but it did get me thinking.

Then I came across today’s Daily Prompt. And after much serious contemplation came up with this list of words, I use all the time and every time:

1) Obviously: Obviously, I obviously make rather an obviously obvious use of the obvious word ‘obviously’.

2) Freaking: It is kinda freaking me out the freakish number of freaking times I freaking use the freakish word ‘freaking’.

3) Pathetic: My pathetically pathetic use of the pathetic number of pathetic times when I use the word ‘pathetic’ is really pathetic.

4) Great: After seeing the great number of great times I use the great word ‘great’, you might just greatly comment with great sarcasm ‘Great!’.

5) Boring: To think about the boring number of boring times when I was so bored that I used the word ‘boring’, is boring, and bores the very word ‘boring’.

6) Nice: It is nice, the nice number of nice times I nicely use the nice word ‘nice’ to nicely describe a nice thing or nicely compliment a nice person.



4 thoughts on “6 Words that I use a lot

  1. Virender says:

    Haha . . the two words I use most of the times are “cool” and “weird” 😛 they are sort of second nature to me, now.


  2. oh my gosh! This is so freaking pathetic that I use some of the same words as you! That’s nice, right? I don’t think it’s boring at all. Obviously, this post struck a chord with me. This was a great post and I just loved it! Just—one of my very much overused words.


    • Great!! 😀 😀 Now, isn’t that a nice but freaking coincidence!! Obviously I didn’t expect this – well at least am not a boring, pathetic loser then 😛

      Hahaha…thank you 🙂 And I loved your comment 😉


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